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My name is Giovanni Hobbins. I was born in Italy and grew up in Wisconsin. More?

What i do

Product Designer at FullStory.
Co-founded and sold Campus Bubble andNightly Labs.

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Currently living in
Atlanta, GA.
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A bit more about me

Since you asked. I learned to love design when I realized it was about solving problems for people and not just “graphics.” Studying philosophy in college, I grew to see beauty in systems of thought. A great product needs to be a coherent, consistent system. Good design enables this.

I live in sunny Atlanta where I enjoy walking on the beltline, playing soccer, and spending time with friends. I also own a cat named Micia. She’s a bit grumpy.


Redwood NYC


A new online identity and listings catalog for a New York based commercial real estate company.

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Redwood NYC, a small commerical real estate firm, came to us with problem. They were fed up with their clunky CMS and outdated website.

Externally, they were losing clients when users couldn’t find listings. Internally, the Redwood team was wasting valuable time trying to update listings as fast as they sold or became available in real life.

The site was powered by an old, real estate-specific CMS. On top of a fresh design and digital strategy, Redwood needed the site to handle several types of property listings, agents, buildings, case studies, and links between every content type.

We needed to build a solid backend to help Redwood do their jobs.

We decided to build the new site on Wordpress and make use of a custom post types and plugins.

After discussions with the Redwood team and a deep dive into their analytics, we developed a content structure that would make it super easy for the team to add listings, link them to agents, locations, case studies and create blog content.

This gave me license to design the new site with the power of dynamic content. Based on the user’s needs, I could show open listings, past listings, listings in their area, etc.

Designing with data allowed me to ensure users would find relevant content and react positively to calls to action.


The homepage was designed to be engaging and legitimizing. Redwood wanted to maintain its reputation for being a small, but innovative firm. Establishing credibility, showcasing team members, and highlighting thought leadership content were also important.


The listings page design had to accommodate properties with beautiful interior design photography and others with low-res cell phone camera pictures. Agent, subway lines, video content and more help build a story around each listing.


The rest of the site makes use of dynamic content to showcase case studies, clients, team members, and valuable content like Redwood’s NYC Leasing Guide.


The mobile experience had to allow users to easily search listings, contact agents, and browse the blog. We worked hard to strip down and optimize each page so the site could run smoothly and feel as native as possible.

The Redwood team were ecstatic with the new design and immediately saw increased engagement on their listings, thought leadership content, and member pages.

The new design helped them attract the business of tech companies and production studies who value design.