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My name is Giovanni Hobbins. I was born in Italy and grew up in Wisconsin. More?

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Product Designer at FullStory.
Co-founded and sold Campus Bubble andNightly Labs.

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Atlanta, GA.
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A bit more about me

Since you asked. I learned to love design when I realized it was about solving problems for people and not just “graphics.” Studying philosophy in college, I grew to see beauty in systems of thought. A great product needs to be a coherent, consistent system. Good design enables this.

I live in sunny Atlanta where I enjoy walking on the beltline, playing soccer, and spending time with friends. I also own a cat named Micia. She’s a bit grumpy.

Giovanni.ioMason Tavern

Mason Tavern


Full design treatment for a new resturant opening in Atlanta. Classic look and feel for a neighborhood brand.

A friend since college, Kabeer Khurana started Mason Tavern with some friends to give North Decatur a trendy, modern eatery for its growing young professional population.

He approached me as the new location was being developed in hopes of finding a designer to spend some time on the new restaurant's brand.

Kabeer and I had worked together on previous brands for ventures at the same location during college. A nightclub, a dive bar, and event a sports bar.

None of the businesses panned out but I had fun - and got good practice - coming up with brands and collateral for each.

This time around, the project had legs. Backed by Atlanta-based restaurant group, Concentrics, Mason Tavern benefitted from top-notch interior design, a great head chef, and committed staff.

So the new brand had to reflect Mason Tavern’s ambition to become a fixture of the the North Decatur community .

After discussions with Kabeer and the other founders, we settled on classic, dark look and feel for the brand.

Dozens of initial concepts, explorations, and three rounds of revisions yielded the final result.


Several concepts were explored initially around the idea of a farm and grain mill. Mason Tavern was named after Mason Mill, a large grain mill active in the area a long time ago and now the namesake for several local landmarks.


The first round of logos was focused on a vintage tan and green color palette, typography, and badges/crests exploration. Kabeer and the team liked the look but felt we needed to work towards something more modern and serious.

Round 2

The second round of logos were black and white and concentrated on exploring more concepts around the badge and insignia. Kabeer confirmed we were moving the direction but wanted final tweaks.

Final Brand

The end result was a larger, styled crest with dark greys, gold, and white with vintage styling and modern typography. A smaller M icon was developed for smaller spaces and social media.